This is the third iteration of my HITECHIMAGES’s project website at The main new feature added is the panoramic blog. First I wanted to develop the whole blog with all the features from scratch in PHP, since at that time it was the only server side technology which I understood. I soon realized the complexity of such a task and started to search for an open source CMS. WordPress seemed the right solution for me. The whole task shrunk into making a WordPress template. I always learn a lot while working on a new task. This time, apart of improving my CSS, HTML, PHP and JavaScript skills, I learned about Gettext i18n and L10n concept and allso about SEO basics. Probably the most important thing I learned however was that there are frameworks for simplifying programmer’s lives. I stumbled upon the Prototype framework when i was searching for an animation library and later knew about jQuery. Finally I knew that there is plenty of frameworks for just about everything in programming.