When I was working on the Description 2 Caption WordPress Plugin I got an idea of a more general plugin that would be able to extract any metadata from an image uploaded to WordPress and put it to any of the fields of the Upload New Media form.

It appeared as not a too difficult task at first, but during the progress of the development I was inventing new and new features which made it grow to a nightmare project.

So after a month of banging my head against various targets I’m proud to introduce you the Image Metadata Cruncher WordPress Plugin.


In the Settings section of the plugin’s options page you specify text templates for Title, Alternate Text, Caption and Description fields of the Upload New Media form, which appears immediately after you upload an image to WordPress. Inside the templates you can use template tags like: {EXIF:Make} or {IPTC:Headline}.

When you then upload an image, the texts you’ve specified will appear in the coresponding fields of the Upload New Media form and the template tags will be replaced by metadata extracted from the image. If the image doesn’t contain the specified metadata, the tag will be replaced with an empty string. The template tags can be as simple as


or a as complex as

{ALL:json>exif>LensInfo>1 @ "value is $" % "not found" # " >>> " }

You can find out more about the power of template tags in the How To Use Template Tags section of the pugin’s option page.


Just copy the image-metadata-cruncher folder to your WordPress plugins directory and activate it in the admin. The options page link is under Plugins section of the left sidebar.


Settings section of the plugin’s option page.

Available Metadata section of the plugin’s option page.

How To Use Template Tags section of the plugin’s option page.


You can install the plugin the usual way through your WordPress admin, clone it on GitHub, or download it here:


If you encounter any bugs or have a feature suggestion, please leave a comment or open an issue on GitHub. Off course, forks are very welcome.


This plugin is and allways will be free but if you can’t help yourself and want to pay for it anyway, you can do so by clicking the button below ;-)